The Balance of Life and the Strength to Achieve.

We’re saluting Spring with a flourishing #BelgraviainBloom window display.

Inspired by the V&A’s exhibition, Frida Kahlo ‘Making Herself Up’, the display celebrates female empowerment. We commemorate her life showing the utmost respect through a series of prints.

Our display represents the struggles Frida fought against during her life of pain and suffering and yet has come through as one of the most iconic and respected female artists of our time. The second print depicts and unravels the life and inspiration of FBC London founder Fiona Barratt-Campbell. Roman inspired with elements of ferns and nature, the print reflects a strong element of our design story.

The strong message behind this window is about Female equality within the modern world – the balance of life and the strength to achieve.

Join us on the Pimlico Road this week to experience #BelgraviaInBloom #FridasBelgravia