Fiona Barratt-Campbell | Founder

What are you passionate about at FBC London? Firstly, working with an eclectic mixture of luxurious materials and tactile finishes – exploring bespoke textiles which evoke curiosity, creating a connection between the piece and owner. Secondly, traditional artisanal techniques and trying to bridge the gap between ground-level, grass-roots craft and high-end design.

The V&A’s Frida Kahlo exhibition tells her life story through objects. Name one object you couldn’t live without? I really couldn’t be without my husband and three children. If we’re talking objects – my Nespresso Coffee Machine. It’s saved my life on numerous occasions.

Name a woman who inspires you and why?  Definitely my Mother. Her determination and strength have inspired me to build my business whilst having a family and all the demands that both involve. I have chosen to embody Frida, not only for her influence as a feminist icon, but to transcend ideals and cultivate her identity, drawing parallels between design and creativity. FBC London have shown respect through Frida’s life which is reflected in the photography.