The Alchemy of Glass at FBC London

Join two emerging glass artists as part of FBC London’s ‘Meeting our Makers’ series. Rebecca Rowland-Chandler, one of the New Ashgate Gallery’s Rising Stars for 2018, and Marco Tullio Siviglia, architect and interior designer. Share the alchemical techniques that bring colour, form and light into their work.

Glass transforms into something entirely new with the application of heat and gravity: alchemy.

Glass touches our everyday lives – think of windows, light bulbs, communications, optics. The possibilities of glass are extraordinary: it can be fused, bent, knitted, cast and moulded in a kiln; when it’s cold, it can be etched, engraved and polished; forms and images can be suspended in it. Glass is an incredibly seductive medium. Its refractive and reflective properties create limitless possibilities of transformation, creation, or combination.

Creative determination combined with commercial nous is the secret of FBC London’s success when it comes to accessories. As both a retail store and a gallery, they focus on raising the profile of glass as an art form and putting this medium on the map for innovative, forward-thinking, contemporary design, working with artists who incorporate glass into their craft.

Talk & Demonstration
9 May 10:00 – 12:00

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Talk & Demonstration
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