Expert craftsmanship is at the core of our design process at FBC London. Fiona employs a myriad of textures and technologies but embellishes these intricate designs with the natural wilds of Northumberland. True to FBC London’s creative process, the combination of these traditional and modern techniques, the manufacturing of the furniture is developed working with a large variety of selected artisans and craftsmen based predominantly in the Northeast of England.

AT FBC London, we ensure that these artisans and craftsmen use only the finest materials, beautifully balanced design, cutting-edge creativity and consistent innovation. Our highly skilled team of designers work with an unswerving dedication alongside theses craftsman to create the most exquisite pieces of furniture. Every piece is inspired by history and the natural world. They are timeless in their simplistic elegance, luxurious in their diverse materiality, quality of finishing and attention to detail.



 FBC London’s Sustainability Agenda.

The ocean is choked with around six billion tonnes of toxic packaging, waste and pollution.

Creative powerhouses (artists, designers, makers) have a responsibility – and an opportunity – to set the agenda for a sustainable future, just as much as our politicians and environmental scientists. Creators can visually explain why sustainable design is important.

FBC London’s pledge is do make strong sustainable choices that provide our customer with a completely unique and desirable product. We also want to emphasise the non-disposable design element; plastic is passé and the heat is back on longevity. Our designs timeless with a huge emphasis on the finer details and quality, so we offer a lifetime guarantee defying the disposable culture.

FBC London also aims to make its business habits as environmentally conscious as its products and charitable ventures. We’re moving towards offsetting our emissions with conservation-based forestry, with a code of conduct standards set for labour practices and transparency. Banning plastic from the workplace we have reduced our carbon footprint by 98%.

Shifting mindsets and behaviours is as important as creating new products and materials.

“The creative industry has a huge role to play” says Founder & Creative Director, Fiona Barratt-Campbell.

“As an interior designer and furniture designer, I have an obligation to consider what and why. Working with suppliers to create products that are ocean-aware is just the beginning of this movement and to give the conscious consumer options and for FBC London to make choices that will secure our place in history.”