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FBC London saw the launch of Modulari during London Design Festival 2017, in collaboration with 1st Dibs, drawing in the country’s greatest designers, thinkers and practitioners to revel in a grandiose celebration of design. An ambitious collection, Modulari is designed to make you look further than yourself. The seven-piece collection, and it’s make up, takes one on an expedition of discovery and innovation.


The launch saw a culmination of interior designers, architects, real estate developers and agents, along with clients old and new, celebrate the new furniture collection. The evening took invitees into the inventive mind of FBC London’s founder and creative director, Fiona Barratt-Campbell, within the walls of her London studio. Entering through the antique original gates, via the ‘green’ carpet, guests tasted the splendours of the deconstructed Roman inspired canapés, street artist Mr Jago of Unit London, an urban art aficionado, creating a journey through the idioms of spray painting to a level of sophistication whilst sipping on the quintessential expression of a classic Sipsmith London Dry Gin with three botanically enhanced cocktails.


To encourage guests to experience and immerse themselves in the new collection, the heart of the launch featured a pop up ‘Modulari Photo-Booth’. A live foliage wall on the mezzanine level created the backdrop of a living room set up where guests were encouraged to join the interactive experiences by creating and sharing personalised polaroid’s during and post the event and participate in the #FBCLondonModulari conversation across social channels.


Developed around the concept of ‘bringing the outside, in’, the new collection explores the juxtaposition of opaque and translucent materials, using historical artisanal and modern production methods. Fiona explains the ethos of Modulari:


“Taking inspiration from ancient Roman architecture and its legacy, we used deconstructed, geometric shapes to create a striking contrast between an archaic heaviness and the brutality of modern light. Heavy stone is positioned against lighter materials such as glass in order to create the ‘looking beyond yourself’ philosophy. Born through the concept of time consciousness and self-reflection in this modern world, the individual is taken on a journey starting at just a glance as they explore the depths of the collection, Modulari.”


FBC London were delighted to have the support of 1st Dibs for the launch, working together to create a unique brand experience and an emotional connection between each guest and the inspiration behind the new collection.


Cristina Miller, Head of Dealer Relations, 1st Dibs said:


“Historically 1st Dibs has been a recognised platform connecting our consumers to the world’s finest antique dealers from all over the world. Launching Modulari with FBC London confirms that we’ve become not only the global destination for those who must have ‘first dibs’ on historic treasures but those from the modern collectors, designers and curators, that would otherwise be inaccessible.


Part of our DNA is to give newer modern designers a platform to showcase new designs and product. Similar to 1st Dibs, FBC London endeavours to keep its contemporary brand vision one of true luxury and perfection, it also puts great emphasis on the constant re invention of the exceptional. A truly perfect partnership.”


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