FBC Kitchens

Launched in May 2017, Fiona Barratt-Campbell  developed FBC Kitchens which feature her signature finishes and distinctive designs. The signature kitchen collections of FBC London celebrates the reinvention of English heritage, nature and challenge perceptions of space. Each individual commission draws upon Fiona’s design inspiration.

Storytelling is at the heart of FBC Kitchens. Our own story is built on a rich heritage of design and craftsmanship and this follows through into our creations, while informed by these values, follow a different narrative – one that reflects the lifestyle, passions and priorities of our clients’; a journey, tailored to reflect the tastes and lifestyle.

Working with artisans to transform raw materials into beautifully crafted cabinetry with integrated bespokefunctionality and hardware with unique material finishing. FBC Kitchens’ textures and finishes are second to none. Working with the finest timbers and wood veneers to create, build and install kitchens to precise requirements.



The Novus range features specialist finished fronts
crafted with an integrated finger rail for ease of
opening to maintain sleek, uninterrupted lines. The
eponymous collection features timber cabinetry with
statement marble worktops, bespoke textured handles
and brass detailing.

M E  T A L L U M

A versatile kitchen design, reimagined as an urban
style kitchen celebrating both the functionality of a
working kitchen and informal character of the design.
A kitchen concept inspired by industrial elements with
architectural detailing combined with finishes rich in
materiality. Showcasing post-industrial references
the Metallum range is characterised by its prominent
grain detailing, large scale metal hardware and strong


Harmony, symmetry, airiness, space and light are
proud combinations for t he Terra kitchen with
influences from European architec ts drawing
inspiration from the c lassical British style. The kitchen
radiates around the central island and imposes every
dimension of itself. Cooking is demonstrated as a
creative act , an act of conveyance and sharing.


“The space that provides nourishment, physically and mentally, that inspires creativity, cultivates experiences and forms memories…”



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