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Bronze Baby Cloud


  • Glazed Ceramic
  • One-Off

This intriguing ceramic sculpture explores the challenges of complex arrangements of clay. A mixed of glossy and dry glazes is fired numerous times to provide coarse and smooth effects. Indeed, the aim of this practice is to generate beautiful forms in the most bizarre manner to aid the appreciation of life’s absurdities where things don’t always make sense. Pollinating Creature transports the viewer away from the mundane and creates a feeling of awkwardness, where its static form can seem alive.

Tessa Eastman’s dynamic work is at the vanguard of the contemporary ceramic art scene and in her relatively short career, she has been able to impress many with her originality, skill and above all with a daring new approach to the art form. Tessa’s meticulously hand built cloud bundles and complex crystal formations have found a serious following among collectors and gallery owners and her sculptures have been commissioned and presented by the financial firms Abacus in 2003 Gresham Private Equity in 2006.

120mm H x 150mm D

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