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  • Glass Dome with Oak Block
  • Available in three sizes

This glass piece was used in the past to store memorable objects such as the first baby shoes, rare clocks, sculptures, statues of saints or the bridal bouquet. The main function of Dome was practical, to preserve objects dustless. Nowadays, the shape of Dome has been modified and its original function was replaced to decorate various meals. Made of stained oak wood with glass cover, available in three different sizes.

Traditional Czech glass craft techniques are combined with the latest design and technology to make the Bohemian cut crystal. Pioneering in the design and a symbol of quality, beauty and lasting value, this genuine Object is to be handed down from generation to generation. The in-house traditional cutting machines and tools creates a marriage of traditional methods and modern technology. Delicate and hand blown the glass is amalgamated with automatic precise crystal cutting to form exceptionally unique and individual pieces.

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