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Grid Giant Vase


Blown glass, polished bronze & steel.

Grid Giant from the collection ‘Colors’ is a blown glass constrained by a wire mesh. Vanessa Mitrani highlights several of her past experiments but also adds new models to the collection. The contrast lies between fluidity and rigidity, liquid matter and the dark strength of metal. Steel or bronze volumes, thread, cages or perforated sheets seem a futile attempt to capture molten glass.

The framework is sometimes present like a jewel. “I wanted the sensation of constraint to be striking, obvious at first glance.” In her studio in Pantin Vanessa ‘weaves a singular border between two long-partitioned worlds: design and glass. In capturing the molten bubble in a metal frame, she reconciles tradition and contemporary lines.

Since her first collection in 1998, Vanessa Mitrani has been a unique figure in the creation world. An expert of glass, she works it under many forms, where each piece is unique as resulting from an unpredictable process. She blows glass in contact with leather, porcelain, marble and fabric. Among her experiments, her creations of restrained glass with metal meet with true success. Many of her collections feature this technique, which has become one her signatures.


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