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Gravity Cross Vase


Blown glass, metal or marble base.

The Gravity collection is the result of a work on the fundamental forms and the limpid marriage of noble materials. Originally edited for the Art of the Table, Vanessa Mitrani has opened this collection now available in the form of cups, lamps and sculptures.

These organically formed bowls have been developed to envisage an illusion of floating objects. Where the glass remains with its fluid and flexible characteristics which communicate with the metal spherical base structures. A combination of blown glass and polished bronze or marble to create different models of glasses, her creations of restrained glass with metal meet with true success and this technique has become one of her signature combinations. Through her collection, she questions the beliefs and evocations of the different stages of life and death around the world – a world tour of the symbolic power of objects of worship and magic.

Since her first collection in 1998, Vanessa Mitrani has been a unique figure in the creation world. An expert of glass, she works it under many forms, where each piece is unique as resulting from an unpredictable process. She blows glass in contact with leather, porcelain, marble and fabric. Among her experiments, her creations of restrained glass with metal meet with true success. Many of her collections feature this technique, which has become one her signatures.

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