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Glass Sculpture

Honeystones’ series focuse on Norfolk’s Hunstanton Cliffs, exploring the patterns created in the sedimentary rocks, the angular rugged forms, and irregular texture. Surface contrast is a key component in her glass, for example, smooth and textured, transparent and opaque, and through researching this, creating structural and decorative elements that combine the organic with the geometric. Honeystones, which ‘Hunstanton’ derives from, are fused sculptures created by layering glass sheets on top of each other in a mould, applying colour separately, and days of polishing to reach high transparency. Rebecca’s aim is to create beautiful objects in response to the natural world, that are an allusion, rather than a replica.


190mm H x 120mm W x 90mm D
8in H x 5in W x 3.55in D

Rebecca Rowland-Chandler is a young student at University for the Creative Arts Farnham, taking a BA (hons) in Glass, Ceramics, Jewellery and Metalwork. She discovered glass as an artistic medium on her foundation course at City & Guilds of London Art School, (2014-15), and became absorbed with the beautiful aesthetic qualities of the material in its own right, and the relationship with light that is enabled as a result.


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