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In this series of sculptures, Marco Tullio draws from the primeval forces of the mineral, botanical and animal worlds. He works with clay, glass and metal oxides called ‘Kinoko,’ the Japanese word for mushrooms, the series is an homage to his passion for Japanese culture.
Even today, mushrooms/fungi remain among the most fascinating and mysterious species on earth, with recent studies indicating that they are more closely related to animals than plants.

To obtain this biomorphic shapes, the clay is worked almost brutally at several stages during the drying process with snapping and riving happening when the material is bone-dry.
Through several firings, the metal oxides are mixed with glass shards and colour glazes to obtain a continuous variation between matt, polished, smooth and coarse surfaces.
With their upward movement, the sculptures want to evoke the mystery and joy of a newborn species, unfolding its limbs toward the light.

130mm H x 200mm D

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