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White on Black Vessel


  • Earthenware and stoneware vessels
  • Available in three sizes
  • Handcrafted in Harrogate, Yorkshire

These contemporary vessels are made of earthenware and stoneware, thrown and fired in an oxidized atmosphere. The main inspiration of these vessels comes from a fascination for rough surfaces with textural aspects, layers and restrained colours which give this earthy and primary external appearance. Each one has been individually hand thrown and fired in an atmosphere, leaving each piece completely unique.

Inspiration comes from a fascination for eroded surfaces and what lies beneath, their textures, layers and restrained colours.
Stephanie Blacks pots are thrown and fired in an oxidised atmosphere to anything from 1080oC – 1120oC using both earthenware and stoneware clays.  Constantly experimenting with slight variations to form, blending of glazes, firing and re-firing which feels constantly challenged.

SMALL: 158mm H x 171mm Ø MEDIUM: 222mm H x 171mm Ø

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