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This ancient fiber lends a rugged, textural backdrop. Ramie fibers come to life in a series of nine colorways that accentuate its tones and weave. Always revered for its strength and luster, our Ramie evokes a rough and tumble vibe playing nice with runway chic.


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Variation I

6 Weeks

  • Ramie Pulled Root

Variation II

6 Weeks

  • Ramie Split Sepia

Variation III

6 Weeks

  • Ramie Loam

Variation IV

6 Weeks

  • Ramie Stone Nettle

Variation V

6 Weeks

  • Ramie Natural Hewn

Variation VI

6 Weeks

  • Ramie Tangled Cotta

Variation VII

6 Weeks

  • Ramie Cambridge Scramble

Variation VIII

6 Weeks

  • Ramie Saphire Bramble

Variation IX

6 Weeks

  • Ramie Maiden Grass

Per Panel

Minimum: 8 yards (sold in 8 yard increments only)
Content: Ramie
Origin: China
Flame Rating: Class A

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