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With an unexpected shimmer of light, Glint is a master class in its hand-application of Metallic Leaf. Playing forward ancient treatments of plasterwork, each panel is created by hand with layers of customized glazes of color that coalesce on hand-applied paper. Then with expressive handwork, the artist renders an intuitive striation of Metallic Leaf, defined within a surface of texture and depth. The paper’s flexibility and sturdiness reinforce its innovation of old world and new world.


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Variation I

  • Glint Pallas

Variation II

  • Glint Mineral

Variation III

  • Glint Sand Beam

Variation IV

  • Glint Concrete Aura

Variation V

  • Glint Moonstone

Variation VI

6 Weeks

  • Glint Night Roof

Per Panel
914.4mm x 3,048mm
36in x 10ft

Minimum: 2 panels
Content: Plaster Composite/Metallic Leaf
Origin: USA
Flame Rating: Class A

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