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Constructed by artisan hand, Strata draws on the mystery of nature’s forces in its texture of unrehearsed fractures. Working in the realm of centuries-old techniques, each Strata panel is made with Gesso and other natural, raw ingredients and is hand-applied to a cotton ground. Layer after layer, a delicate coaxing of customized colors result in a surface that engenders an organic expression of modernity.


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Variation I

  • Strata Outcrop

Variation II

  • Strata Dover Cliff

Variation III

  • Strata Mushroom Cap

Variation IV

  • Strata Marlstone

Variation V

  • Strata Flint Reef

Variation VI

  • Strata Amber Airs

Variation VII

6 Weeks

  • Strata Lichen

Variation VIII

  • Strata Lagoon

Per Panel
36in x 10ft
914.40mm x 3,048mm

Minimum: 4 panels
Content: Gesso
Origin: USA
Flame Rating: Class A

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