Flying Garden II

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Zsolt Jozsef Simon is a Hungarian ceramic artist, who figuratively and literally needs movement to help his materials find their natural form in order to create his sculptures. The technique Simon employs is an advanced development of slip casting. He intentionally lets the slip escape between the pieces of a mold. This enables him to create fascinating—some would even say otherworldly—effects between the inside and outside of the objects that he makes. The command of his medium and material is such that he has already visualized the result before he initiates his process.


20cm H x 26cm ᴓ

Flying Garden is created from porcelain and embodies movement in its creation based on a further development on a slip casting technique. The liquid clay is poured into a plaster mould where the slips allow the water to draw out, leaving the solid clay inside. The excess slip is usually removed from the mold. However, the artist intentionally lets it escape provoking an interesting effect and creating a new forming method. Through this sculptural ceramic, the artist not only aims to show the lightness and the poetic aspect of the material but also push the boundaries of the process. This technique allows him to create fascinating effects between the inside and the outside of the objects.