Reviving British Craft

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Through craftsmanship-inspired designs, FBC London is redefining contemporary furniture as handmade and finely crafted.

A sense of community and local identity is more important than ever before, and through our collections, we explore national identity as an inspiration; intensely connected to reviving and evolving British craft and techniques. Central to our vision of being a Great British brand and celebrating artisanal expertise, our creativity and designs support a diverse range of heritage crafts, from woodworking, glass blowing, metalsmithing and textiles. To this, we bring innovation through the selection of materials and textured artisanal finishes – all meticulously applied by artists hands.

"Our recognisable ‘textural and sensory’ craftsmanship is forged through collaborations with familyrun, independent and socially responsible British artisanal workshops. Often, there are multiple workshops involved in crafting a single collection."

True British Craftsmanship

Adorning every piece of furniture is our signature FBC London bronze cast badge. This marque is a testament to every pair of hands it passes through, referencing the British craftsmanship revealed in every joint, curve, angle and meticulous detail. Seeing our ideas come to fruition is exciting. The consistent evolution of creativity and design at FBC London often ignites a deeper conversation with clients to create entirely bespoke pieces or include a level of personalisation. From finishes and timbers, to custom fabrics, personalised motifs and fully bespoke kitchens – the possibilities are endless.