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Aspectu mirror


Created through layers of a semi-reflective transparent mirror with a gold leaf dispersion evoking elegance, the Aspectu Mirror helps reflect delicate details.

The ethereal beauty of the Aspectu is gracefully flecked through with an elegant gold leaf dispersion. FBC London have an enduring fascination with working with local craftsmen and women to ensure traditional methods of the gold application process. There is something in the reflected light from this elemental material that triggers joy, awe, and fascination in the human consciousness.

The delicate nature of the mirror is purposefully brutalised using a bronze planished rod, which fixes the different layers into place, whilst also measurably separating them. A mirror designed to force a pause in reflection, to play with the muscles in the eye and for you to look further than yourself.

  • Lead Time: 10 – 12 weeks + shipping. Shipping costs quoted upon confirmation of delivery address.
  • Bespoke: Aspectu Mirror can be tailor-made to bespoke sizes and finishes, please enquire for further details.
  • Specialist Variations: Some of our Specialist finishes are exclusive to specific pieces. Please enquire with us on which finishes would be available for a specific piece or consult the individual furniture and objects tear sheets.
1048mm H x 892mm W x 160mm D 41.3in H x 35.1in W x 6.3in D


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